Meet The Team

Let’s face it, at the end of the day we travelers really desire to try and escape the massive tourist attractions and find those magical local hideout that the Lonely Planet has yet revealed.

On top of our tourists info stand we happen to hire some of Jerusalem’s coolest cats as our staff so they can assist Stay-INN guests with any questions and secret local’s recommendations!

We offer 24/7 service at our front desk, and don’t pull out your Google speaker just yet because we made sure our staff speaks fluent English, Russian, Spanish, French and of course Hebrew, the first native word they’ll teach you (spoiler alert) is Sababa!

Our staff is well experienced with all travelers’ codes as most of them walked those shows and carried that huge Mochilla on their back many times themselves.

They are easy going, kind and knowledgeable about the traveler’s world all too well, so don’t be shy, just stop by and say Hello!